Finding Serenity

I have always been the type to deactivate all of my social media accounts for short periods of times, take a break from the social world and explore the outdoors. Especially during the summer, I try to spend as much time outside, and less time locked up in my house. Whether I’m taking my journal to the beach with my best friend, or going to lakeshore and listening to the waves, being able to have a mental break from social media is so important.

As much as I love scrolling through my Instagram feed, reading all the tea on the ShadeRoom and watching my friend’s share events throughout their day on Snapchat, sometimes I feel like a slave to social media. Maybe it’s just me but, I always find myself breaking away from social media ever so often because there are times where I feel extremely unproductive and distracted by these social apps. I always love to take some time to explore what this city has to offer. Being able to fully explore Scarborough Bluffs for the first time with Vince made me realize why so many people love it. It’s huge, peaceful, and definitely a gem. For some reason, I expected it to be quiet since it was the middle of the week, but, I was 100% wrong. So many people were out having barbecues with their families, going on jogs with their dogs, swimming in the lake, etc,. Being able to see so many people enjoy the outdoors as much as I do truly warmed my heart. Too bad a horrible thunderstorm came through later on in the day but, I would’ve spent my entire day there if I could’ve.

Go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Take your journal, or a loved one, or a few friends. It’s healthy. It’s therapeutic. There’s more to life than what’s on your phone screen, loves.

I could honestly sit here for hours and feel like I have absolutely no worries in the world. Genuine peace.


of course, being the fearless girl that I am, I had to climb on the highest rock just on the edge of the water.
trust & believe, it was such a struggle to get down!


these cliffs reminded me of my mother’s homeland, Trinidad. the beautiful, tiny island that will always hold a special place in my heart.


“looks like you got a closer shot of heaven!” – Vince


’til next time, loves!

photography by Vince @yourfavouriteblasian

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