‘You came for me.’

It’s amazing how the lyrics to a song can feel like it was written just for you. I have been trying to put the way that I feel into words, but how do you describe a feeling that feels so… foreign. As if this ‘feeling’ is in a different language. Something that I’m not familiar with, something that I have had trouble trying to understand.

Yet, in some twisted way, it’s something that I’ve taken a long time searching for. Maybe the reason why it feels so immensely strange is because I didn’t think that I’d ever experience it. I wasn’t expecting things to turn out the way that they did. I didn’t expect to let my guard down so quickly. The guard that I took years to build so that I could protect myself. 

But the way you took down my guard felt almost natural. As if the thing that I was protecting was meant for you. As if it was meant for you, and it was just waiting for you to come and take it. 

You didn’t just come to me, you didn’t show up on my doorstep and waited until I let you in. 

You showed up in a way so natural that it felt as if I was waiting for you this entire time. It feels like I was sitting on the path that you chose to take in life, waiting for you to make your next stop.  

You came for me. 

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