what a blessing to be a woman

What a blessing it is to be a woman.

To be a vulnerable, overbearing
emotional, overly passionate,
far too loving, sensitive,
new life bearing, hopeless romantic,
soul searching, lustful

Yet to be so elegant, strong and beautiful.

As a woman, we are not given enough praise, not in the sense of recognition from others, But it’s important for women to celebrate themselves,
to empower themselves,
to connect to the deep roots within themselves.
to take care of themselves,
to value themselves,
to fall in love with themselves, way more than another
being could.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of what a woman should be, that we overthink about our flaws. When in reality, that’s what makes us so fucking beautiful.

I have the urgency to be treated like a woman, not like a piece of meat.

Yet, I’ll wait for the day that a man looks at me and says,

“What a blessing, a woman who loves herself.”

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