Your company to me feels timeless,
From the words lingering on our tongues in silence,
To the hysterical laughs,
Soundless laughs,
Wondering how we even managed to cross paths?

2017-06-15 16.10.04.jpg

Your presence was like a canvas,
Gliding my paintbrush against my pain,
Hoping that doesn’t make you feel anxious,
Or perhaps, your words will cover my mind like a blanket.



Connecting to you on a different level,
Where our souls danced, without an instrumental.
Entwined by faith, something we both can’t escape,
But if you let go now, I know that our time together wasn’t a mistake.


You’ve taught me how to listen to my inner harmony,
Feeling the fire that burns within me.
It was never easy to open so freely,
So please excuse me if I’m choosing my words carefully.


Inspired by your growth, your ability to see colour in a black and white world,
Allowing everything around me to feel like a blur.
I applaud you for sharing with me your wisdom,
Perhaps now, I can give you the key to my kingdom.

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